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Welcome to the 2012/2013 edition of the Qatar Construction Guide, your ultimate gateway to construction in Qatar.

QCG is the first developed full and complete solution acting as a source for companies involved in construction and real estate sector, connecting buyers and suppliers in one place.

The Guide is available online at www.qatarconstructionguide.com, providing free access to all the information listed in the printed copy. In addition the guide is also available on I-Pad and I-phone applications.
These applications will be synchronized with our website and continuously updated, as our team will be in contact with the companies on daily basis to update their contact details, add the latest news, jobs, and projects and announce the newly-won awards.

Finally, we would like to thank all the sponsors and advertisers for supporting the QCG and helping us to create this unique solution.

To participate in our next year’s edition, advertise on our website and applications, or provide us with your suggestions, kindly contact us at 4435312044353127 or email us at contact@qatarconstructionguide.com or qba@qataribusinessmen.org.